Monday, May 30, 2016

After a Year of Invisalign! (Invisalign Review)

I've been wearing Invisalign aligners since 6th April 2015, and completed the entire treatment by 4th March 2016. That's how fast I took! Just 11 months. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the individual's case and the amount of dedication he or she puts into wearing the aligners. I wanted to complete the treatment within the intended time frame, therefore made sure that I wore my aligners when I have to, and only took them off when I needed to.

I've already covered some frequently asked questions about Invisalign on a separate post, some time back. If you're interested, you can check it out here --->

If you're on your way to getting the treatment done, and require some information on how the pre-process is like, you may read about my journey at i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic here 

Invisalign is basically like braces without the pain, discomfort and unpleasing aesthetics. They're made of medical grade polyurethane which are virtually invisible plastic, and are custom-made for you. Because of their invisibility, you can go about your everyday routine without worrying about looking different with a foreign object fixed to your teeth. It's a great confidence booster knowing that you're on your way to achieving your dream teeth without anyone realizing.

I've already mentioned in my previous post about why I decided to go on this journey. For the benefit of those who have yet to read it, I'll briefly talk about it again.

Basically, I wasn't happy with the way my lower set of teeth looked. It was overcrowded which resulted in a rather crooked smile. I was pretty embarrassed about them and try my best to hide them whenever possible, but no matter what I did, they would always show, especially when I talked. 

I thought that was my only problem but it turned out that I was suffering from other issues as well. After the examinations and assessments, I was told that I had a slight overbite (a.k.a. buck teeth), a receding gum line and an imparted wisdom tooth. 

For more in depth explanation, please click HERE.


Here are the differences after a year of Invisalign treatment!

9th February 2015 
Notice the overcrowded lower set of teeth. They'll only get worse over time without treatment, and may change the shape of my jawline.

29th October 2015
Attachments were introduced to my teeth, and gaps were made in between my teeth to allow them to move into place. Notice how much straighter the upper set already were compared to the image taken on 9th February 2015.

4th March 2016
Look at how much straighter my lower set is now! I no longer have an overcrowded lower set of teeth, which makes me feel more confident when I am talking and doing photoshoots. I also no longer have to worry about the condition of them getting worse as I aged. 

Compare my smile, now and then!

9th February 2015
Picture taken before treatment. My teeth were pretty big and fat.
Also, notice the uneven bottom outline of my two front teeth.

4th March 2016
After treatment, they're in the best form ever! We shaved off the uneven bottom outline of my two front teeth, leaving me a super straight looking teeth! :)


All in all, I think my experience was fuss free and ended faster than I thought it would. No pain was involved at all during my treatment except for the few occasions when I had my teeth cleaned, and that was only because I have sensitive teeth. Other than that, everything went really well. 

The only discomfort I felt was at the beginning when I had to get used to wearing the aligners. Like I've said over and over again, it's just a matter of getting used to. After about a week or so, wearing the aligners became second nature to me, and I wasn't bothered about them at all.

I have to say that if there is something you'd like to invest in, I highly recommend investing in perfecting your pearly whites. You might think that they're great they way they are, but you'll never know what sort of issues you have until you pay the dentist a visit. I personally think teeth make a huge difference to our lives. They're right smack on our faces, we can't try to hide their flaws forever, we need to fix them when we have the chance to. 

The last thing you'd want is to face some problems in future with your oral health, and not be able to pay for treatment then, because we all know how expensive dental care can be. Prevention is always better than cure ;)

Cost of the treatment is determined by the severity of individual cases. It ranges from SGD$4,500 to SGD$7,500 (before GST). Mine rounded up to about SGD$6,000 including GST. Don't be alarmed though! There are several ways in which you can pay for the treatment to make it more affordable. You can call them at 6323 2813 to enquire or email to

My box of aligners and my new retainers I have to wear to bed every night.

I know some of you may find visiting a dentist dreadful, but I assure you that that won’t be the case at all if you’re intending to treat your teeth with Invisalign, as you’ll only be required to visit the clinic roughly once every 3-4 months, as compared to every month with traditional braces treatment.

Believe it or not, I looked forward to all of my visits, as with every visit, I knew I was a step closer to achieving my dream set of teeth. Plus the atmosphere at the clinic is never intimidating; it is in fact very relaxing and optimistic, and that is definitely thanks to their warm and hospitable staffs that never fail to greet me as a step through the door.

The fact that my dentist Dr. Cheng, the founder of all i.Dental clinics, is an extremely experienced dentist who has helped improved smiles and shaped facial features for thousands of patients over 30 years, also put an ease on my mind. He has personally treated more than 1000 Invisalign cases! Apart from his professionalism and expertise, he is a very humorous dentist. Thanks to his easygoing nature, I feel totally safe in his hands and didn't feel stressed out or nervous at all throughout the procedure. He is also now an Invisalign trainer himself where he teaches other dentists how to treat using the Invisalign treatment.

If you wish to consult a dentist and have your teeth evaluated, you can check out i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic at Tanjong Pagar. They specialize in treating patients with Invisalign and is the only Black Diamond Provider in Singapore awarded based on the number of cases they have treated.

That’s it! Thank you all for reading! Cheers to perfect teeth ahead!:))


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