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My Invisalign Journey at i.Dentalsg

It has been more than a week since I'd received my very first set of Invisalign aligners, and I feel great about them! I've wanted to go on this journey for quite some time now because I've always been envious of celebrities with perfectly straight teeth. For example, check out Miley Cyrus's teeth before and after she had some help straightening them. I want to feel just as confident as she is with her teeth, and I can't wait to finally get to that stage by early next year, if everything goes well. 

I've always acknowledge the importance of a great smile, I think that the quality of one's teeth reflects on their personality and habits. It always feels nice to look at someone with a perfect smile right? It shows that they put in extra time and effort to clean and polish their pearly whites.

"All other things being equal, job candidates with straight teeth are seen as 45 percent more likely to get hired than those with crooked teeth, according to Kelton Research."

I'd mentioned before that us Singaporeans, probably don't fancy frequent dental visits due to our poor experience in the past, while we were still kids in primary school. But we're all grown up now, and I feel it's time to embrace the fact that we do need to visit a dentist regularly to keep our teeth health in check. You might think that you're doing fine and that visiting a dentist is a waste of time, but you're wrong. Teeth problems manifest gradually, so you won't be able to feel any effect until it's too late. Measures taken to solve those issues later on might be very costly. So why not pay regular visits to prevent them from happening instead?:)

Alike most of my peers, I haven't gone for a dental check up since primary school. That's about 8 years ago! I gave my teeth that much amount of time to shift into an undesirable shape, and have been brushing my teeth the wrong way, so much so that I now have a receding gum line. All of those could have been prevented earlier if I had gone to a dentist. But it's never too late to kick away the bad habits and straighten my teeth before it gets worst. 

 Personally, I thought the main problem I faced was just the crooked lower set caused by overcrowding. This is a very common problem that occurs in most of our teeth. Why don't you check yours to see if you're suffering from it as well? Since it's a common issue that most people face, I didn't feel that bad about my teeth at all. Little did I know that I have even more problems that I wasn't aware of, which I will explain further later on.

I also have a problem with the upper right side of my teeth which causes an uneven smile. It's not that obvious in real life but ever since I ventured into acting, I can't hide it from the camera, and it has become quite an eye sore. Just look at how obvious it was in this Sunsilk commercial! It looked as though I had a missing tooth :( Ever since that commercial, I've become less confident of my smile, and I don't want it to affect future assignments too. I can't possibly hide that side of my teeth away from the camera since my line of work requires me to be versatile :(

I knew it had to fix my teeth! Hence, I decided to get Invisalign instead of traditional braces because it's obviously much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, since it's invisible, which is great so that I can go about modelling and acting without it interfering! If you're interested to know more about Invisalign, continue reading, I'll talk more about its advantages later on.

Apart from overcrowding, here are some of the other problems patients may face. All of which, whether they're minor or complicated, can be corrected with Invisalign. The following image was taken at the i.Dental Invisalign talk, where I learnt about the purpose of Invisalign.

Invisalign is able to correct not just your teeth, but the shape of your jawline as well. This goes to show that not everything should be solved by plastic surgery, botox or fillers. If you think your jawline can be improved to look more aesthetically pleasing, maybe the problem lies in your teeth instead.

Do you recognise any of the following problems with your teeth? 

To be honest, I felt extremely nervous during first check up at i.Dental. I was expecting it to be as dreadful (and somewhat painful) as my check ups in primary school. I wrote about how rough the school nurse was in handling my teeth in this blog post here. But that wasn't the case at all at i.Dental. The Invisalign Dedicated Clinic had an optimistic atmosphere that immediately made me feel a lot calmer. The television depicted videos on how Invisalign can change your life for the better, and that made me even more excited to start my journey. I felt so encouraged that the fear just slipped by eventually.

Dr. Cheng, the founder of all i.Dental clinics, is an extremely experienced dentist who has helped improved smiles and shaped facial features for thousands of patients over 20 years. I posted a photo of him on my Instagram once and received a couple of comments saying things like "My childhood dentist." or "Same dentist as me!". My friend Ashleigh who has perfectly straight teeth also commented - "My dentist who did my braces!!!!". I knew immediately that I was in good hands.

Apart from his professionalism and expertise, Dr. Cheng is a very humorous dentist. Thanks to his easy going nature, I didn't feel stressed out or nervous at all. He filled the dental room with joy and laughter, it's no wonder the nurses and staffs at i.Dental always have bright smiles on their faces. It's an optimistic place to be in!:) 

Once the initial check with Dr. Cheng has been made, I was transferred to a different dental room. Here, study models and 2D photos of my teeth were taken. It was a fuss free process where I had to simply lie back and relax while the professionals took over.

And with that, the first consultation came to an end. On the second visit, which was less than a week later, I met up with Dr. Cheng who diagnosed my problems and came up with solutions to solve them. This was when I found out about problems I never knew I had before.

I found out that not only do I have an overcrowding lower set of teeth, I had a slight overbite on the upper set as well. In case you're wondering, overbite, in layman's term is called buck teeth! The problem might not be very visible at the moment, but if I don't do anything now to fix it, my condition will get worst over time. I don't want to grow old with an even more pronounced buck teeth, that will also change my facial features along the way! Hopefully, Invisalign will be able to push my front upper teeth back into its rightful position :)

Apart from those issues, I also have a protruding tooth (premolar) on the upper right of my gum-line, causing an uneven smile. This is the reason why I only take photos from my left profile, but now that I've ventured into acting, I can no longer hide that flaw on camera. Hopefully, I'll be able to take pictures from any angle by the end of my Invisalign journey.

Other problems I'm facing includes a receding gum line, as mentioned earlier. This is due to wrong brushing techniques. Apparently, I've been brushing my teeth too hard, causing my gums to recede, thus exposing the roots! No wonder I've been experiencing sensitivity in recent years. I can no longer bite into an ice cream without feeling discomfort :( This issue can be quite a dangerous one if I don't change my brushing techniques. With the roots exposed, I may lose my teeth earlier than I should in future. Everyone, please brush your teeth gently with a soft bristle toothbrush.

I always kinda knew that my wisdom teeth were growing, since one of which is constantly giving me problems. But I never had my condition diagnose until my visit with i.Dental. The X-ray scans I've undergone to further access the structure of my jaw showed a clear image of all my wisdom teeth. It was the first time I actually got to chance to take a good look at them. 

I guess they're all looking fine except for one little guy at the bottom right of my jaw. To my horror, it is growing in a horizontal direction towards the rest of my teeth. This is what we call an imparted wisdom tooth, also known as the worst case scenario :( Why must this happen to me?!

Once the problems have been identified and analysed, it was time for cleaning! Final moulds that would shape my Invisalign aligners were then taken.

About a month later, the big day arrived!!! I finally received my very first set of Invisalign aligners on 6th April 2015. I've been waiting anxiously for this day to come because I'm so excited to straighten my teeth. 

Watching one last animation showing how my teeth will look like at every stage of the the treatment, and how they would move into their desirable position over time.

You can watch the video here too!

The procedure felt like a celebration when the aligners fitted well into my mouth. It felt a little weird to have something foreign stuck onto my teeth for the first time. That was when reality sunk in and from that moment on, I knew I had an extra responsibility to take care of an extra part of me - my aligners. 

Wearing the aligners are super easy! You just have to place them at the right spot and push them in like how you would wear a hat or shoe. Taking them off for the first time was quite a challenge since aligners naturally feel tighter at the start of the treatment, but Dr. Cheng was very patient in guiding me on how to do it in a safe and gentle way. About two weeks into the treatment now, and I am a pro at wearing them and taking them off. I can even do it with my eyes closed! hehehe.

Apart from teaching me how to wear the aligners, Dr. Cheng briefed me on how to take care of them and gave me some tips on how I can attain an even more enjoyable Invisalign experience. I was so eager to head home, brush my teeth and put them on!

Finally, I was directed to my Invisalign Relationship Manager, Ms. Angie who gave me a thorough run through on what I have to know about my new set of aligners. The instructions seemed a little complicated at first when I heard them but it only took me 3 days to get use to it. 

Some of the things I have to do includes taking off the aligners before I eat, and bringing my toothbrush and tooth paste along with me wherever I go, because I am required to brush my teeth every time before I put the aligners back on after eating. It may seem like a chore but once you get used to it, these steps become second nature.

Thank you so much Dr. Cheng and Ms. Angie for your help! <3

I've been wearing my aligners ever so diligently over the past 2 weeks! I didn't think I would get use to them at first since my speech was a little affected, I couldn't enunciate certain letters well, and I couldn't portray certain expressions as natural as how I used to be able to. But as time went by, I've learnt how to work around my aligners and everything is almost back to normal again! In fact, I actually feel naked without them now. hahaha.

I carry my Confidence Starter Kit everyday with me now! It contains all the essential tools I need to use on a daily basis. Some of such tools include a case to store my aligners while I eat, toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning and a nail file to smoothen out any rough edges of the aligners. Thank you i.Dental for going the extra mile to help all Invisalign patients like myself enjoy our journey a little more. With all my necessities kept in one pouch, I don’t have to worry about losing anything!

Photos from my recent advertorial shoot, I bet you can't tell that I have my Invisalign aligners on!:) It's great fun being able to do what I do best, while secretly straightening my teeth at the same time, without anyone knowing at all! I almost don't feel the aligners at all, some times to the extend of forgetting that I'm even wearing them. In fact, wearing them gives me some sort of comfort, knowing that I'm on my way to achieving my dream smile soon.

And that's it! If you wish to consult a dentist and have your teeth evaluated, I highly recommend trying i.Dental out. There are only a few clinics out there that provides Invisalign treatment. All Invisalign Providers must attend and complete specialised training in order to treat patients with Invisalign. There is no better place to get it done than at i.Dental, an Invisalign Dedicated Clinic.

There are several i.Dental clinics in Singapore but the one specialising in Invisalign is located at 

168 Robinson Road
Capital Tower #09-13
Singapore 068912

To make an appointment, call 6323 2813

For more information, head over to their website at 

Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

Thank you all for reading! Cheers to perfect teeth ahead!:))

Friday, May 1, 2015

Advertorial - Topazette


TOPAZETTE (pronounced as “Toh-pear-zert”) was founded in 2009, and revamped in 2013 with the idea of providing a more professional and fuss-free online shopping experience. 

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Oversized Striped Shirt in Blue

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Sports Trim Knit Top in Navy

Navy blue apparels with signature white stripes always appeal to me. Something about it reminds me of my days working in Abercombie and Fitch, I adore the varsity aura that it exudes, therefore making this crop one of my top picks from Topazette! I think it'd look extremely cute paired with a white pleated skater skirt, don't you think?

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh Bali Bali!

What's up folks! I'm quite excited to blog about my recent Bali trip because for quite a long time now, I've been only posting advertorials. It's nice to just take a break and write about what I truly love. My visit to Bali this time was a lot more fruitful than the previous one. I managed to visit a couple of beautiful places that blew me away and I would like to share my experience with you. To be very honest, I didn't plan to blog at all initially, but I had a bunch of photos that I didn't know what to do with. Hence, I decided to post them here.

This trip was a rather impromptu one; I'd booked the flight tickets and accommodations about less than a week before the actual date. I wasn't feeling too good at that point of time and felt the need to get away from reality. Bali was the first place that came to my mind, immediately I asked Xavier if he could join me and within 30 minutes, I had everything settled. It was a rash thing to do and many may frown upon my actions, but honestly, I actually like being impulsive. I think life is so much more meaningful if you dare to take risks and break out of the norm. I don't know, just some of thoughts. #YOLO

Since Xavier is currently in Taiwan, I had to travel to Bali on my own. Due to different flight timings, I arrived about 6 hours before him. Thankfully (and coincidentally), I was traveling on the same plane as my aunt, so I wasn't so alone after all. Having been to Bali before, I'd befriended a driver named Komang, who took some time off his schedule to pick me up from the airport. It's nice to know that I have a friend in Bali that I can put my trust in. 

Komang is probably one of the nicest person I've ever met, he's filled with humility and he works extremely hard to support his young family. If you're planning to visit Bali any time soon, and should you need a driver, please feel free to email me at I'll be more than happy to connect you with Komang.

Alright anyway, I didn't stay at a villa this time since I was pretty tight on budget, so I'd booked a room in a little boutique hotel along Kuta beach instead. Well, it isn't exactly along the beach but it's near. The hotel I stayed at is called J Boutique Hotel, just 6 minutes away from the airport and 15 minutes away from Kuta beach. I can't remember the exact price, but it cost less than SGD$250 for 5 nights. That's a steal.

But if it's your first time travelling to Bali, I suggest you get a villa instead. Only then will you have a true Bali experience. And for those of you who are still asking which villa I stayed at the last time, it's called Ocean 11, in Seminyak/Kerobokan.

The first day in Bali was rather chill; Xavier and I didn't really plan to do anything. So we ended up just walking around Kuta area, and found a beach club to unwind at. It's called Rosso Vivo Dine & Lounge - Nothing really fancy about it in the day, except for the fact that if you spend a certain amount, you can use their pool - which was really tempting because Bali can get very hot. We walked past this place again on the 3rd night and found it to be even more alluring at night. There are a lot of beach clubs, bars and restaurants along Kuta area, so don't just settle for one the moment you see it. I suggest walking as much as you can until you see one you really like. 

Next, we made our way to Jimbaran beach, which is about 18 minutes (drive) away from our hotel. The beach itself isn't that pretty, but what keeps people coming back are the lovely little seafood restaurants along it. The best they say is a restaurant called Menega Cafe, where you can purchase a set of seafood which contains 2 fishes, 2 lobsters and more for only SGD$44. If the menu says it's a set for 2, it can actually feed up to 4 people. If it says it's a set for 4, it feeds up to 6 people. You get the drift, don't get cheated. The best time to enjoy your seafood is when the sun starts setting, get there fast because it can get pretty crowded by 7pm.

Xavier and I went there a little too early and it was excruciatingly hot. I couldn't take it and had to take a plunge in the water. 

Next, we went back to our hotel, showered, slept for a bit, and finally woke up for a swim. There's nothing really stunning about our hotel rooms, it's very simple, but their customer service is excellent, probably beats a lot of boutique hotels here in Singapore. But what really stood out for me was their rooftop pool. In fact, I actually booked this hotel for their pool. HAHA. Just Google search images for "J Boutique Hotel Bali" and you'll know why.

Too many bikini photos huh? Sorry, couldn't help it. There's more to come later ;)

Our failed attempts at taking photos together in the pool with my DSLR camera. hahaha. 

I don't like beer or alcohol, but when I'm Bali, I never fail to drink Bintang. The Bali lifestyle is pretty unhealthy, if you know what I mean ;)

I slept so soundly at night but was woken up by the arrival of someone special :) Fai managed to find time to join Xavier and I on the trip too! hehe. Initially, I'd planned for us to visit Waterbom Park in Kuta beach but the two boys are afraid of thrilling rides so we didn't go in the end. But it was quite a blessing in disguise because if we had gone to Waterbom, we would have missed out on the highlight of our trip.

We took quite a long ride, about 30 minutes to Uluwatu beach area and visited Finn's Beach Club. I'm a little hesitant to share about this place because I fear it would get crowded in future and I won't be able to visit it again. But okay, I'm not going to be selfish. Finn's Beach Club is a STUNNER. It's the sort of place you would dream about or watch in movies. It's literally a restaurant/bar by a private beach. Yes, you heard that right. PRIVATE beach. You'll only be granted access if you purchase their package fee. I can't remember how much it was but whatever it is, it's worth it.

Finn's Beach Club is a place you can stay for the whole day and not get sick of it. If it isn't too hot, I assure you that you'll be able to take tons of Instagram worthy pictures. 

Oh! I don't know how you can do it, but please check the tides before making your way there. If the tides are too high, you won't be allowed to go down to the bay area, and you'd have to stay in the restaurant above, which is pretty but quite a waste of time. We had to wait about half an hour before we could make our way down.

View from the pool/restaurant above. 

Wearing Wallflower Crop from
Denim Shorts from Pull&Bear.
Hat from Bali.

Finn's Beach Club infinity pool.

That view tho *.*

Credit for food is inclusive in the package fee. However, if you spend over the stated amount, you'll have to fork it out of your own pocket. So spend wisely!:)

The water's so beautiful uh? Doesn't look like it in pictures but Finn's Beach Club is located along a pebble beach, so it hurts like a b*tch if you fall when the waves push you. If you're rather frail like me (even though I think I'm tough enough already), the waves WILL push you and you WILL fall. Stay away from the water if it's high tight. And kids shouldn't be anywhere close to the water; I swear the current will sweep them away. Cliffs and huge rocks will surround you, watch where you're going.

Sorry, some more skin baring pictures. Please skip if it annoys you. It's just for me to see only. hehe.

Next, we went back to our hotel, slept again. Beach holidays can be very exhausting you know? The sun soaks up all our energy. Then headed out for dinner along Kuta beach, had some authentic Indonesian food, it was good but not really to my liking. Thai food for life.

I was most excited for this day because the plan was to visit AYANA Rock Bar in the later part of the day. Once again, go Google search images for it! You'll understand why. But first, we spent the afternoon at Padang Padang beach (also around Uluwatu area) since the Rock Bar only opens at 4pm.

Photo taken in Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks. You think Bali's all just beach, huts and little mama shops right? You're wrong! They have two or three malls along Kuta area that offers stores such as Topshop or Zara! 

Prior to visiting Padang Padang, I'd read a ton of reviews stating that it's a beautiful place to chill at, Eat Pray Love was even filmed there! But upon arrival, I was honestly a little disappointed. Yes, it was beautiful but it was also very small and overcrowded with sunbathing Caucasians who were even more beautiful. There were perfect beach bods everywhere, I felt so insecure (I probably had the smallest chest there). Plus, most of them were eyeing on us because it seemed like we were the only few Asians present. 

Was I thinking too much or did I really witness some of them making jokes out of others. It felt almost like a competition, where everyone strutted around half naked trying to garner as much attention as possible. I always thought that an experience is made best when the people around are nice, and I'm sorry to say that the island’s snobbish, attention seeking tourists have taken the beauty of Padang Padang away. Unless you have a killer bod or you're planning to feast your eyes on lots of boobies or you don't give a sh*t what people think of you, leave Padang Padang out of your itinerary. 

I don't know, the place definitely had some weird aura and I was more than to happy to leave after about an hour. People just kept staring, I couldn't take many pictures without thinking that they're all judging me. Sorry, I have insecurities too.

Anyway, it was time to leave for AYANA Rock Bar anyway! It opens at 4pm but I advice everyone to get there about 30 minutes earlier to avoid the queue. If you're too late, you might not even get a seat. Being kiasu Singaporeans, we got there in time and managed to get one of the best seats in the house.

AYANA Rock Bar is located in AYANA Resort & Spa. It's also a hotel, and if you're a guest, you can make reservations for the bar. If not, you'll have to queue like us. Hotel guests also get additional benefits, like using the bar's pool etc.

There is a dress code for the bar if I'm not wrong. To be safe, just make sure you have your shirt on at all times. hahaha.

It might not look like it, but it was scorching hot that day and I'd wished I had more sunscreen with me. The sun shines directly down at you and if you don't have any protection whatsoever, you will get a sun burn. So make sure you bring extra sunscreen with you, a hat would be ideal, if not you can always borrow the bar's umbrellas. 

To quench my thirst, I ordered this non-alcoholic drink. I can't remember its name but damn, it was delicious. 

Make sure you get the best seats in the house to catch the sunset. Those seats the ladies got are the ones you should aim for.

After that, we went to dine at Naughty Nuri. Many have recommended this place to chow on pork ribs or babi satay but I found it once again, to be just alright, nothing special. Maybe I'm just not that much of a foodie.

We spent the entire day at Potato Head Beach Club at Seminyak on day 4. Potato Head is quite a popular tourist destination and I'd included it in the itinerary because Shine recommended it. Thank God we went because it ended our trip really well, like the icing on a cake. My brother coincidentally went to Potato Head the same day as us, so we had a little reunion. He went on his trip with his friend, and both of them are actually lifeguards, hence with them around, we dared to jump right into the waves of Seminyak Beach, knowing that if anything were to happen, they'll be there to save us. hahaha.

Wearing a gorgeous maxi dress from

By day 4, I'd already spent most of my money so I was very careful with what I ordered. I ended up purchasing just a grilled cheese sandwich which had a little too much mustard for my liking. Please, if you're planning to visit dine to Potato Head, I recommend getting what Xavier ordered - Squid ink pasta or something. It's to die for.

If you spend a certain amount, you'll be granted access to a cabana. Each cabana only fits 3 people. Highly recommend getting one for maximum Bali experience.

More visuals. 
All my bikinis are from H&M, except for the black one I wore to Finn's Beach Club.

Coconut juice once again!

I've been to Kuta beach, Padang Padang beach, Finn's beach club bay (I think it's part of Uluwatu beach), Jimbran beach, Nusa Dua beach BUTTTT.. I think my favourite is still Seminyak beach. It has waves that are just right for swimming in, not too big or too small, clear waters and soft sand. The five of us spent a good 45 minutes or so swimming in the sea, catching the waves, and me, drinking a ton of seawater by accident. HAHA.

Yes, hydrate yourself Fai.

My brother.

My best buy at Potato Head! Custard filled donut balls served with Raspberry and Chocolate sauce.

YAY! We've come to the end of the post! Thank goodness, I was honestly getting a little tired explaining everything. 

Bali will always be kept close to my heart and I foresee myself visiting her for a million more times in future. I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. If you have any recommendations on where I should go next, please let me know! I'm already thinking of my next beach vacation. I just love the sand and sea. 

Oh yeah, before I go, if you're planning to visit Bali, please make time for massage, they're extremely cheap there (about SGD$5 for 1 hour foot massage) and don't forget to tip!!! At least 30,000rp. That's SGD$3 if you don't know.

Alright bye everyone!:) Have a great weekend!