Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Already 20! So Where Are My Boobs?

Disclaimer: This post contains frank opinions about being small chested. If you're uncomfortable about discussing such subjects, I suggest you stop reading this instant. Everything mentioned here are solely based on my personal experience and my point of views. Hence, if you have a different opinion, feel free to comment in the section below but try and stay away from saying anything mean alright? No one appreciates rude remarks. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! ;)

That's a question I've been secretly asking myself over the last couple of months. In about 2 months time, I'll officially be an adult but why do I feel less like a woman? Dear chest, I've been waiting for you to show me some love ever since I was 16 and it's about time that you start growing yeah?

I've always been a petite human being. As a child, every Chinese New Year, my aunts would remind me of how I look the same as the year before in terms of height and size. They would constantly talk about how I hadn't grown at all. Years later as I grew into a teenager, they kept their mouths shut when I stood taller than most of them. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

That little proud moment of mine gave me the mentality that maybe I'm just a late bloomer. Like my height that took forever to show up, maybe my boobs just needed a little more time too. That eased up my worries and I grew contented with the way I looked no matter how small my chests were. I could stand beside a friend with huge nunga nungas (thumbs up if you get where that came from), and not feel embarrassed at all. I was THAT confident of my body as a teenager.

But now that I'm a woman, I long for the curves that I once hated. Watching Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video doesn't help with my confidence level at all. No one can deny the fact that having at least a B cup makes you feel a lot more womanly. Currently, I just feel like a girl. But then again, in life, if you can't change something, then maybe you have to accept it for what it is. So here I am changing my mindset about my small chest. (Sorry, I have to say boobs and chest a lot in this post) 

So what is it really like to live with such tiny boobs? 
I'm not entirely complaining about them because some days they help me get things done more efficiently, but other days when I'm reminded of how small they are, I can't help but feel insecure. Firstly, with such small chests, you don't look good in plunging neckline tops (not that everyone of us are fans of such outfits) but I honestly am! If I had average sized boobs, you'd probably see me in them most of the time. Which is probably why God gave me 32As instead, so I wouldn't go about living my life looking like a hooker. No, I'm not calling anyone names, neither is it wrong to wear such revealing outfits, I'm just getting my point across.

Next, I can't go to the beach in a bikini without thinking that people are judging me. It's funny how I used to feel so confident in a bikini, but I'm not the same anymore. In fact, I'm already worrying about what to wear for Zoukout 2015 or an upcoming trip to Bali. You know, I think I handle criticisms pretty well because all of the criticisms I've ever received where regarding stuffs that weren't true. But when someone pokes fun at how small chested I am, that's when it hits me cause I can't run away from the fact that I might probably never get B cups. (Unless I go under the knife, which I've never thought about before.)

These insecurities deter me from feeling good about myself, which in turns, ruins any fun or happiness I'm supposed to enjoy. So I've decided to just let things be. I do not plan to live the rest of my life feeling bad about my boobs. After all, I'm only feeling like that because of what the media is constantly portraying! To society, boobs equal womanhood. But that's not true, what makes a woman a woman is how she presents herself and how she thinks. It's her security and confidence that's attractive. After all, boobs are just fats accumulated on your chest right? No offence to anyone out there, I'm just trying to make my small chested girlfriends and myself happy for a bit.

With all that said, here are some advantages to having small boobs.

I have to admit, whenever I feel bad about the size of my boobs, I'd remind myself that runway models have boobs just like mine too. (Well, not all of them but most of them.) Besides, boobs are meant to fit your frame. Petite girls with huge boobs just aren't meant to be, it's all about the proportions. So if you're not so well endowed in the boobs department, fret not! Give yourself a pat on the back for your slender frame ;)

You can wear anything and not look slutty! You know it's true ;) 
Whether it's a tube top, or a halter-neck or a simple camisole, you don't EVER have to worry about your boobs spilling out. Some may even tell you that you don't need to wear a bra since there's nothing to really hide anyway. Which means comfort all day long! Studies have also shown that women with larger boobs tend to have difficulties finding a top that fits them well. Another reason to be happy with your small chest! You go fashionista!

Back aches? Saggy boobs? Bad posture? You'll never know what those feel like. *clap hands*

Whether you're sleeping like a foetus or running a marathon or jumping up and down in a club to your favourite song, you can do anything you want and not have to worry about your boobies getting in the way.

Why should we even give a sh*t about what guys think about our boobs? Yes, it may seem that guys find bigger boobs more attractive but it really doesn't matter once you've found Mr. Right. Your husband's or boyfriend's opinion only matters then and if he likes the way you look then good. There's nothing else to worry about. And trust me, typically men are happy just with any pair of breasts their woman has. Besides, you should only get together with a guy who likes you for YOU and not your appearance.

Also, women with bigger boobs tend to have to deal with men staring at them or people not taking them seriously. If a guy is hitting on you and if you are small chested, then you know he's not interested in you for the wrong reason.


I'm certain that there are many other advantages to owning small boobs but these are just a few I can think of right now. Should you have any other reasons, please let me know so that I can share it with everyone else out there who're facing the same situation as me.

All in all, always look on the brighter side of things and think of any situation positively. You shouldn't be embarrassed and you shouldn't feel less like a woman if you have small boobs. It's okay not to have that cleavage, like I said, they're just fats accumulated on your chest anyway. That's not a good reason to feel bad about yourself or your body. I mean they're just FATS. If you're upset that you didn't manage to accomplish a goal or whatever, then fine. But come on, no point putting yourself down over something as trivial as not having cleavage. 

And if you ever think about getting a boob job, please just learn to love yourself for who you are and how you look. I know this may sound totally off point but studies have shown that guys seem to hate implants because they're so hard and unnatural. But then again, we shouldn't even worry about what anyone else thinks. Just do whatever pleases you but remember to appreciate what you have first.

If you find it hard to appreciate what you have, it's okay. That takes time and while you're on your way to get there, you can try different methods to making your boobs appear larger without having to go under the knife. Personally, I like to wear push-up bras and there's NOTHING wrong with that. If that makes me feel confident about myself, then who cares?

Everyone's going to have their own opinion and perception on how boobs should be. But what really matters is what's in YOUR mind. As long as you're firm in what you believe in, nothing you hear or see can ever sway you.


For those of you who're interested in finding out how to make your boobs appear larger, here's a pretty good video by one of my favourite YouTubers. I ended up getting the Victoria's Secret Bombshell add 2-cup size push up bra but nahhh... it looks too fake, not worth the money. Everything else works though :p

Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead lovelies <3

Friday, November 14, 2014

Singtel Easy Mobile Plan

Let's admit it. SingTel truly is the BEST telco in Singapore and if you don't agree, it's most probably because you have no idea about their Easy Mobile plan. Before I start talking about it, I know some of you might feel a little skeptical about this. You must be confused to why I'd spoken about their Youth Plan a few months back but now I'm talking about this right? Well, the Youth Plan didn't work out for me, not because it wasn't good but because I'm no longer a student as I’ve unofficially graduated hence, I do not have a valid student pass to sign up for that plan! :( 

Honestly speaking, I'm quite thankful that happened because I have found even more joy and contentment in their Easy Mobile Plan. SingTel nailed it this time with this special plan, the first in Singapore where you and I could control the plan ourselves. And by control, I mean that we could decide how much talk time, messages and data we want for our plan. And, we can change our minds and edit it according to our preference every month!!! Never thought that would ever happen eh?

So how did I not know about this amazing mobile plan?!? If I'd knew about it earlier, I would have jumped on the bandwagon last month and saved a hell lot of money from my phone bill. You see, as a blogger, I have no choice but to use up a lot of data. I am constantly on my phone posting pictures, twitter-ing away or replying my emails etc. So exceeding my phone's data every month is inevitable. I've always wished that I could convert the amount of free messages I have in my plan to more data. That would be awesome! I mean, who even messages nowadays? Everyone just connects through Whatsapp right? I am certain that you share exactly the same sentiment as me. We are all willing to sacrifice our talk time and messages for MORE data.

So how does this Easy Mobile plan work?

SingTel Easy Mobile Plan allows you to tweak their mobile plan bar every month to suit your lifestyle. Whether you require more talk time to chat with your girlfriend or boyfriend over the phone, or for some reason, you need more free messages; you can have it all YOUR WAY with the Easy Mobile plan :) Since you’re able to change it every month, you can also ensure that you’ll have enough data to Instagram pretty pictures of your staycation next month.

I think we all owe SingTel a HUGE thank you for coming up with something so ingenious. We can all say goodbye to shocking phone bills at the end of the month ;)


SingTel's Easy Mobile Plan is only available online. Don't waste any more time heading down to the physical stores, simply sign up now! No more waiting in line for your turn at those stores. Yipee!! If you have any questions, click here. SingTel have consolidated a list of questions they think you'd ask, so everything you need to know is already there.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Easy Mobile plan.

Step 1:
Visit and you'll see their landing page where you can start tweaking the bar to personalise your own mobile plan. 1 unit is equivalent to 50 mins outgoing calls OR 500 SMS/MMS OR 0.5 GB (512MB) local data. I'm giving myself 5 units of talk time, 1 unit of messages and 10 units of data! Whoohooo!!

Step 2:
Choose a phone (optional). It's not necessary but I bought an iPhone 6 anyway! 

Step 3: 
Select a new number or retain your current number.
I’m currently not with SingTel, so I decided to retain my current number and port-in into SingTel. The SingTel Easy Mobile plan is suitable for NEW sign ups, port-ins and even recontract! (terms and conditions apply)

Step 4: 
Select any Add-Ons. Again, this is optional.

Step 5:
If you chose a phone earlier, select any accessories (optional).

Step 6:
Take a look at what you have in your shopping cart and if everything's correct, click "Check Out".

Step 7:
SingTel requires you to own a OnePass ID, it allows you to check your bills any time. It's also necessary for you to tweak your Easy Mobile plan every month. Don't have an ID yet? Sign up as a New user.

Step 8:
You're almost done! All you have to do is checkout like how you'd normally do when you shop online. Fill in your billing address, payment info and delivery date and time.

Step 9:
And that's it! Just sit back, relax and wait for your SIM card and phone. You will also be asked when you'd like to port into SingTel if you're currently a Starhub or M1 user. I chose to port in on the day of delivery. So hello SingTel! I'm finally a part of you too.

And that's what the Easy Mobile plan is all about. So simple to understand, simple to use and simple to sign up for! Totally fuss free. I can't wait for the system to port me into SingTel so that I can start using as much data as I want and not have to worry about my bills at the end of the month ;)

Once again, visit for more info!

See ya at the SingTel booth at ZoukOut 2014! hehehehe.