Sunday, February 7, 2016

Let your dreams lead you through life; not the news, facts or figures. Do what you want, and not what others expect of you. Only you know what's best for yourself, so go with your gut feeling. Only then will you lead a fulfilling life with no regrets.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts (Jan 2016)

I hope the break up season is officially over and that everyone's in love again. Falling in love is some tough shit. It comes as a package with heartbreaks and disappointments, so if you're not prepared for all those, just do yourself a favour and stay away from being in a relationship. I am currently single, again, and that's perfectly fine. Being single gives you the opportunity to learn how to be independent and to grow as a person before the next special one comes into your life. 

It's that special period of time in your life where you get to do all the crazy YOLO shit and get away with it, you don't have anyone to answer to, but yourself. There aren’t any expectations to meet, but your own. If there's something you've always wanted to try but never had the time or opportunity to, because you were so busy being in a relationship, now's the chance to go for it! Get on a plane and go on a solo trip! I've never done it but I have friends who have experienced it, and they always go on about how rewarding the experience is.

Being out of love isn't a bad thing at all. In fact, we shouldn't depend on a guy (or a girl, if you're a guy reading this) to make us happy. At the of the day, we still have our friends, family and even pets with us, and they love us just as much as a companion would. 

Life really isn't as tough as we think. To be very honest, I was going through some dark times late last year. Some of the choices I made weren't exactly the best, and hell they didn't benefit me in any way. But that didn't cross my mind at that point of time because I thought life had no meaning and that there was no point in trying anymore. If you ever find yourself at such a cross road, simply take a step back and analyse why you're facing such a situation. It could be because of the people you're hanging out with, the environment, or it could even be due to the type of music you're listening to. Your thoughts attract whatever's coming into your life. So if you want to be carefree and happy, just tune your mind to think of optimistic stuffs instead.

I know it's easier said than done, but I've proven to myself that it works. I was so down, I thought I needed professional help; in fact I almost got one. Thankfully time allowed me to view the world in a different perspective, and I was able to alter the way I thought and felt in time. I'm 22, back on track and I am super excited for this New Year. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Meet My Corgi Pharaoh! (feat. Pooch's Image)

Pharaoh did the following:
- Micro Bubble Spa Treatment
- Basic Grooming
- Trimming

Pooch's Image
119 Upper East Coast Road #01-01 Singapore 455244
Open hours: 
Open daily from 11:30am - 8:30pm
Call 6344 4044

Thank you Pooch's Image for always taking such great care of Pharaoh!:)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Should Horoscopes Matter? #JustMyTwoCents

Every time I sit down for a conversation with a friend and if we happen to talk about her love interest, I always find myself asking the same thing; what is his or her horoscope. It seems to me that someone's horoscope matters, it helps me understand and gauge what sort of person he or she is. I know it's not a right way to judge how someone is but I think we can all agree that horoscopes are true to some extend. I know it is for me, I am an Aquarius and 90% of everything I've read about an Aquarius is true and relatable. 

I just feel that some how someone's horoscope determines whether or not he or she is even worth my time befriending and hanging out with. I believe that there are some people of certain horoscopes that would not click well with me and if I happen to know someone of that horoscope, I tend to keep my distance immediately. But if I find out that that person has a horoscope that is compatible to mine, I'd find myself putting in a lot of effort to build a friendship with him or her. This troubles me because I'm allowing something superficial to help me decide on things in my life, so I really want to know if horoscopes should even matter or not. Or if they're even true to begin with.

This is such a controversial topic and I am certain that many will have a lot to say about this article, but please note that I'm just voicing out my thoughts and penning them down.

Not only does one's horoscope help me determine whether or not I should keep the person in my life, but it also matters when I try to find a romantic partner. Whenever I go out on a date with a new guy, I'd find myself asking him the same question and the moment he mentions something that isn't compatible to an Aquarius, I won't put in any effort and give up. I don't allow the person to show his true personality because before he is even able to do that I've already judged him based on his horoscope. It has come to that point and that is pretty damaging because it doesn't allow me to open myself up to others, and to allow them to open themselves up to me as well, because I've already built a wall in between.

I know most people would say the same thing to me, that horoscopes are only true to a certain extend and we shouldn't fully believe it. But I think I've become too immersed in it that I've allowed it to control who I befriend and such. However, on a good note, ever since then my life has kind of improved because people of certain horoscopes that are compatible to mine constantly surround me, so we have similar thinking and interests. We complement each other and there isn't a dull moment, which is excellent for me because I enjoy being around people. You see my theory is if I hang out with someone of an opposite star sign, which in my opinion are people who are usually too emotional and vulnerable, I would feel down and negative about myself too. This is because Aquarius people like myself are very easily influenced; we morph and take shape from whatever environment and situation we're in. 

I just hope horoscopes won't dictate everything I do for the rest of my life. As it is now, whenever Fai and I have an argument, I'd put the blame on our clashing horoscopes. He is a virgo, which isn't compatible to mine. Virgos tend to be very sensitive, analytical and too particular about details, whereas an Aquarius like me just don't give fuck and we just want to see the bigger picture for everything. We're also very stubborn people and Virgos always try to input their opinions into others, whether right or wrong and an Aquarius just wont stand for that because we have a mind of our own.

With that said, learning about someone's horoscope has some sort of benefit as well. You'd be able to understand why someone reacts and behaves a certain way towards a situation. You'd understand his or her motives for doing or saying certain things, and you'll realize it's just the way people are and you can't change them. All in all, you'd definitely be more accepting of how others are.

Just my two cents on horoscopes, and believing in them. Everyone has his or her own opinions, this is mine.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Realization 1: Impulsivity & Recklessness

I have an issue with controlling my impulses. I used to think that sets me apart from most of my peers because I was always willing to do things they wouldn't. To some extend, I guess it is a positive trait of mine, that I am able to take the road less travelled and pursue what I truly desire, such as taking a break from school to pursue acting etc. However, a little too much of something can be detrimental, and I've only recently realized the negative effects my recklessness has caused over the last 10 years of my life.

You see the cause of my constant reckless behaviour often sparks from a moment of anger or sadness. When I am overwhelmed with those emotions, which can be triggered by the littlest negative connotation, my mind goes blank; I can't feel or hear anything and I'd have a strong urge to lash out on anything I deem unworthy at that point of time.

When I was 10, I broke a peer's ballpoint pen into two with my bare hands upon a heated argument with her. A second after the deed was done, I felt confused and surprised at how much strength I had in me. I mean I was a scrawny kid with tiny hands. I didn't know I had so much energy in me. So you can only imagine the kind of things I'd be able to do now.

Anger to me feels like a pit of fire consuming every last cell in my body. It's as though I'm in a trance, feeling my entire body dissociating from everything. To simply put it, I have no sense of control over what I do, say, hear or feel.

That can be very dangerous because it is in those moments where I make the stupidest mistakes, the most irresponsible and irrational choices and when I use the harshest words about or on others. It breaks friendships, destroys relationships and tarnishes any reputation I have as a person.

I know what you're thinking. It's just in your head, you're thinking too much and everything can be controlled by your mind. Well, it's not that simple, at least it isn't for me. All my life, other then turning to violence, I've never known how to direct the negative energy to something else. And I'm still figuring that out.

This has never really been an issue to me because I never thought I even had an issue to begin with. But I think we can all agree that my life was a roller coaster ride over the last 5 months and it's proof that something is really wrong about me. When I look back at pictures taken during those months, I almost can't remember why I did most of the things I did. Like I said, I almost had no control, and it feels like I just woke up from a dream, or rather a nightmare.

I know I have to do something about this because it has proven to repeat over and over and over again throughout my life. I've had enough of not being able to control my emotions, and I urgently need to set things straight before more damage is done. Let's see how things go from here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean

I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer.
At night I fell asleep with visions of myself, dancing and laughing and crying with them.
Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour, and my memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times.

I was a singer - not a very popular one,
I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet, but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again, sparkling and broken.

But I didn't really mind because I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then losing it to know what true freedom is.

When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing, how I'd been living, they asked me why - but there's no use in talking to people who have home.
They have no idea what it's like to seek safety in other people - for home to be wherever you lay your head.

I was always an unusual girl.
My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean...

And if I said I didn't plan for it to turn out this way I'd be lying...

Because I was born to be the other woman.
Who belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone.
Who had nothing, who wanted everything, with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn't even talk about it, and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied me.

Every night I used to pray that I'd find my people, and finally I did on the open road.
We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art.

Live fast. Die young. Be wild. And have fun.

I believe in the country America used to be.
I believe in the person I want to become.
I believe in the freedom of the open road.
And my motto is the same as ever:
"I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I'm at war with myself I ride, I just ride."

Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am fucking crazy.
But I am free.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Silkygirl Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation

I've always found make up very fascinating because it has an ability to transform not only how I look, but also how I feel. As much as people say that it is better to be natural, I still feel the need to apply make up because I feel empowered with it on. And I am certain that many ladies feel the same way as me. The moment you see the effect make up has on yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, it's tough to stop.

I started applying make up when I was only 13. I've always been a very self conscious and extremely vain girl so it's no surprise that I fell in love with cosmetics from a very young age. I remember SILKYGIRL's coloured eyeliners being the first few make up products I owned, and I was in love with them. My friends and I would buy a new colour whenever we had enough savings to, and shared them among each other. It was a lot of fun.

Over the next couple of years, I started collecting more and more cosmetic products. I had everything from lipsticks to eye shadows to eyeliners. But the funny thing is, I've never really been a fan of foundations or face powders. Up till this day, I try to refrain myself from wearing foundation unless I REALLY need to. I just found it quite a hassle to pick the right shade for my skin tone, and I don't like to idea of having a layer of product over my entire face. 

Also, most of the foundations I've tried don't really give my skin much coverage, and I still have to turn to my trusty old concealer at the end of the day. Hence my mind's always thinking - what's the point of spending extra cash on something pretty pointless? However, the new SILKYGIRL Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation proved me wrong.

As it's name suggests, it truly works like magic. I have pretty uneven skin tone, and I've been told about it countless amount of times, hence I am super thankful for this product. Not only did it give me an even skin tone, it also brightened and smoothened my skin overall thanks to the added Sakura and Mulberry leaf extract. In case you weren't aware those two natural ingredients are powerhouses of nutrients and contain antioxidant properties. In other words, good stuff for the skin.

Apart from that it is able to keep our skin hydrated and moisturised thanks to the wild Mango butter and Calendula flower extract. For those of you with oily skin like me, you'll be happy to know that this product also contains Silica, which absorbs excessive sebum, giving the skin a natural and matte finish. That's excellent news for us since we live in a country with such humid weather.

The SILKYGIRL Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation is also SPF35/PA+++ and formulated specially for Asian skin. So you can be assured your skin is well protected while looking flawless. My favourite part of it all is that this product did not undergo any animal testing :)

Above is how my skin look like without any foundation or powder applied, and it is obviously not as perfect as how I'd like it to be. The uneven skin tone caused by past pimple scars and dark under eye circles are screaming for attention. The skin around my forehead looks somewhat discoloured as well, probably due to constant exposure to the sun.

Applying the SILKYGIRL Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation was a breeze as it came with a little sponge applicator. And that's why I adore drugstore make up, because they are always user friendly unlike most high-end cosmetic products. Also, they burn a much smaller hole in your pocket. 

We can't deny that there are controversies stating that drugstore make up isn't good for your skin or health, but look at me, I've been using them for about 8 eight years now, and I'm still in good health, and there isn't any major problem with my skin. 

What I'm trying to say is that drugstore makeup does the job as well as high-end make up, but they're a lot more affordable and all those myths aren't true. Not that I did any intensive research, I just took myself as an example.

Just look at how much brighter my skin looks after applying just one thin layer of the SILKYGIRL Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation. I think I look radiant too, which is something that doesn't happen to me often due to my dull skin. All imperfections are concealed and pores minimised without the help of any concealer, so I am highly impressed with this product. Most of all, it feels very light weight on my skin.

To complete the look, I went ahead and coloured my lips with the SILKYGIRL Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm. I'd choose matte lipsticks over glossy/shiny ones any day. They just look a lot more polished in my opinion. But most of the matte lipsticks I've tried made my lips feel dry and cakey, but not these ones! Thanks to the balm-like properties, they feel soft and smooth on my lips without compromising on the intensity of the colour.

Here are the colours Vogue, Desire and Siren.

I love how easy it is to apply them thanks to their sleek, retractable packaging. Also they work just like a lip liner, lipstick and lip balm altogether. The colour payoff is excellent, you can tell how pigmented they are from the following pictures.

Wearing Siren.

Wearing Desire.

All in all, I had an enriching experience using SILKYGIRL products again after quite a long time. They've proven to be a brand that young ladies can count on, since they offer affordable but good quality products. The SILKYGIRL Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation and Matte Fever Lipcolour Balms are already available in stores.

For more information, head over to or